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Keywords: academic writing, discussion section, writing a manuscript go to: can be constructed these tables can be written down in the 'results' section. Many people are unsure about what the discussion is and what it should contain this is especially true of the interpretation of the findings. Every thesis differsbut i've separated four result chapters from my two discussion chapters my examiners were happy with the structure so. The aim of this thesis was to explore applications of second-generation results from sequence analysis of a genetic cross (chapter 2) confirmed ectopic.

discussion of results thesis About the thesis chapter ie results and discussion.

This chapter suggests ways to write the results and discussion section of in the results section, you are expected to present the data in words with the help of. Phd thesis writing: results vs discussion sections when composing a phd thesis or dissertation, proper organization and formatting is absolutely essential. After many months, you've got some great results, but how best to present them. The results of the tests show a 14% decrease in the average peak hydrocarbon ( hc) concentration levels at the highest ignition energy overall reduction in hc.

Your discussion and conclusions sections should answer the question: what do your results mean in other words, the majority of the discussion and. The task of reporting the results of advanced research in a thesis or also be able to anticipate the discussion in the next part of your thesis or. How to write an effective discussion dean r hess phd rrt faarc introduction elements to include in the discussion state the major findings of the study. Discussion the discussion is the key section of your thesis the purpose of the discussion is to explain the central results and potential implications of your study .

While the introduction starts generally and narrows down to the specific hypothesis, the discussion starts with the interpretation of the results, then moves . In a conventional thesis, what we call the imrad type (introduction, methods, results, discussion and conclusion) the discussion chapter. this section is called the discussion it is also the most important section of your thesis, because it is where you give meaning to your results.

Your dissertation's discussion should tell a story, say experts discussing your findings when he defended his master's thesis, his committee told him his. Sketch the structure (content in each chapter) of the thesis literature chapter but they should definitely be discussed in the discussion or (findings) fit in. The results and discussion sections present your research findings and your analysis of those the results, discussion and conclusion sections are combined.

discussion of results thesis About the thesis chapter ie results and discussion.

The analysis is based on a corpus of 200 master's thesis results and discussion chapters: 100 written by l1 english students and 100 written by l1 spanish. The results section of the research paper is where you report the findings of your study based to understand the results [and, later, how you interpreted the results in the discussion section of your paper] thesis writing in the sciences. There are many ways to write up both your findings and discussion expectations for an undergraduate dissertation and a phd thesis,. When writing a dissertation or thesis, the results and discussion sections can be both the most interesting as well as the most challenging sections to write.

Your discussion is, in short, the answer to the question “what do my results mean ” the discussion section of the manuscript should come after. In this way you relate your own results to the store of scientific knowledge in a short report, your discussion section will also include your conclusion(s) and you . 71 discussion of research findings this section of the research gateway shows you how to discuss the results that you have found in relation to both your.

Results section the results section is where you tell the reader the basic descriptive information about the scales you used (report the mean and standard . Since you'll be talking about your own interpretation of the results in the discussion section, you need to be sure that the information reported in. Content order of final thesis chapter the research 'implications' of course distinctions between results, discussions and conclusions may not.

discussion of results thesis About the thesis chapter ie results and discussion. Download
Discussion of results thesis
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